Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Von Smith reminds Simon of Clay Aiken??

Yes I'm hooked on American Idol. Is it the possibility of success and instant stardom that may come to the contestants if they win? Is it the entertainment value of watching someone hoping beyond hope that their dream will come true? Is it the conversations following each episode singing the praises and short comings of each contestant that is sure to follow? Or is it the power I feel in being able to decide some one else's future?

It might also be the surprises that the show never ceases to provide. I nodded my head in agreement with some of the wild card and finalist choices and picked up my jaw as others were announced. It's better than watching a sporting game. Of the surprises was Simon's comparing Von Smith to Clay Aiken. I saw season 2 and I saw Von Smith. Von had a good performance, but I fail to see the similarity. Is it me? Is this why I watch? To figure out what I must be missing? Ah.. but I must watch tomorrow to find out if indeed Von will be the next Clay Aiken!